Harmony Keys


32 Electric Pianos for Funk, Jazz, Rock, Ambient and Neo Soul music

This soundset is made exclusively for the Korg Kronos synthesizer. It uses lots of the special features that the Korg Kronos EP-1 engine has to offer.

Every program contains a drum track and 1 KARMA scene. If you want to have an idea how to use the sound just activate the drum track and KARMA and play a chord.




Voice List

Location Program Name
U-GG000  Sweet Dreams QR
U-GG001  Lounge Garden QR
U-GG002  The Funky Chicken QR
U-GG003  Transparant Glass QR
U-GG004  Orange Phaser Keys QR
U-GG005  Neo Soul EP QR
U-GG006  Nail that Solo QR
U-GG007  Nutty Professor QR
U-GG008  Enchanted Woodland QR
U-GG009  Sparkling Water QR
U-GG010  Light Storm QR
U-GG011  Harmonic Thrills QR
U-GG012  Velvet Lounge QR
U-GG013  Red Whine Glass QR
U-GG014  The Meltdown QR
U-GG015  Bedroom EP QR
U-GG016  Candy Factory QR
U-GG017  Drive-Through QR
U-GG018  The Prayer QR
U-GG019  Mountain Dew QR
U-GG020  The Greatest Love QR
U-GG021  Intoxicated QR
U-GG022  Solar Clarity QR
U-GG023  Vivid Colors QR
U-GG024  Haziness Feelings QR
U-GG025  Vigorous Keys QR
U-GG026  Pure and Evil QR
U-GG027  Soul Triads QR
U-GG028  Mesmerize QR
U-GG029  Good Old Times QR
U-GG030  Pandemonium QR
U-GG031  The Lighthouse QR