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Qui Robinez started his music career in the early 90’s. With his classical piano background he started touring with his live band playing covers of popular songs.

In 1991 he was introduced to the dance and trance scene by his friends. From that moment on Qui Robinez fell in love with this kind of music and went  to lots of parties in Germany. He visited the Mayday events in Dortmund and Berlin.

Also he did go to the early Love Parade parties and lots of different underground parties. You can hear that he is strongly influenced by artists from that period. His favorite artists are Cosmic Baby, Humate, Paul van Dyk and Genlog.

It was in 1993 that Qui started to make his own Dance and Trance productions. He wrote several Theme Anthems for House parties which gave him great local exposure. It was from that moment on that he went live with his own trance music. He experimented with several styles ranging from dreamhouse to Harthouse and from Goa to Ambient.

It was in 1994 that he and Andre Pascal started working together. Combining their musical ideas was a huge success and resulted in a set of great releases. In 1997 Qui Robinez decided to do a ‘sabbatical’ to focus again on the musical theory of jazz and blues. By experimenting with different styles he developed his own ‘sound signature’ in Ambient music. In 2001 he teamed up with Andre Pascal again and they started working on new dance and trance songs. One of these projects is called Pulsonix and was signed by Turbulance.

Nowadays Qui Robinez is focusing on synth sound design and synth demos which resulted over the years in commercial soundsets and demos for different brands of synths like Creamware, Kawai, Korg and Access. A couple of his soundsets can be found for free online like the ‘Qui Robinez – Solar Soundset’ for the Access Virus TI or the combi and program soundsets for the Korg M3 and Kronos.

Sound Genre Focus

Ambient / New Age
Dance / Trance


We focus on three areas

Sound Design
Sound Design Lead Designer
By combining the sound palets we like we create unique sounds for different kind of synthesizers
Synth Tutorials
Synth Tutorials Recording
A lot of time is spent on sharing knowledge. We love to teach you the things we do ourselves in the musical scene.
Synth Support
Synth Support Support
We love to help our customers with the sound sets that they are using.