32 ambient programs for the STR-1 Engine of the Korg Kronos. This soundset is made exclusively for the Korg Kronos synthesizer. It uses lots of the special features that the Korg Kronos STR-1 engine has to offer.

There are Leads, Pads, Organs, Guitars, Bass, Flutes and much more in this set.

Voice List

Location Program Name

U-FF000 Deep Blue Sea QR
U-FF001 Flute in the Woods QR
U-FF002 Brass Harmonics QR
U-FF003 Velocity Choir QR
U-FF004 Sad Whale Lead QR
U-FF005 Six Steps Away QR
U-FF006 Red Glass EP QR
U-FF007 Deep Underground Bass QR
U-FF008 Ambient Phase Guitar QR
U-FF009 Fantasia Lead QR
U-FF010 Attack of the Clones QR
U-FF011 Port Of Heaven Lead QR
U-FF012 Crying Fairies Pad QR
U-FF013 Lost in Space QR
U-FF014 Fog Horn QR
U-FF015 Ping of Life QR
U-FF016 The Event QR
U-FF017 Noisy Organ QR
U-FF018 There Here QR
U-FF019 There’s Always Hope QR
U-FF020 Gritty Bass QR
U-FF021 Soft Candy Lead QR
U-FF022 South East Path Lead QR
U-FF023 Feeling Alive QR
U-FF024 Gritty Overdose Lead QR
U-FF025 Nay Meets String QR
U-FF026 Formant Lead QR
U-FF027 Electric Horn Organ QR
U-FF028 Drops of Water Pad QR
U-FF029 Resonance Lead QR
U-FF030 Meditation In C QR
U-FF031 Goodbye Pad QR

All sounds can be used freely in any commercial and non-commercial musical production. It’s not allowed to redistribute the content in this sound set without permission of Qui Robinez.
┬ęCopyright 2013, Qui Robinez

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