The Korg Kronos factory pianos all have a great stereo depth, however, when playing in in a band or in venues where there’s only a mono setup you need pianos that stands out in the loud band context without the subtle presence of the wide stereo spread. Also the pianos should have a more direct response and less sustain to make it possible to create those short hard riffs that some songs acquire. This set has 32 pianos that can be used for those different kind of songs. I’ve made lot’s of changes to each piano to let it stand out for their specific purpose. They can also be easely modified by you by just changing the EQ parameters.

There are 16 stereo pianos, but this time the stereo spreading was reduced with 50 percent. So they are still stereo but now much more suitable for stage usage. Also the dynamics compression has been changed to make them louder in certain Areas to let them stand out more in the song. The 16 mono pianos were designed for those cases where you have to perform in venues with a mono setup. They are more or less the same as the stereo pianos but this time the piano is completely mono and the piano parameter settings were modified for that specific mono usage.

If you find a piano that you like in the set, just press the EQ button next to the piano and set that one to your liking (or modify the EQ of your set list), or just use the default piano from the sound set.


Here’s the program list:

U-CC000 RStereo Rock Piano QR
U-CC001 RStereo Pop Piano QR
U-CC002 RStereo Dark Piano QR
U-CC003 RStereo BassLes Piano QR
U-CC004 RStereo Bright Piano QR
U-CC005 RStereo Strong Piano QR
U-CC006 RStereo Hard Piano QR
U-CC007 RStereo NoVelo Piano QR
U-CC008 RStereo Ambient Piano QR
U-CC009 RStereo Hall Piano QR
U-CC010 RStereo Comp Piano QR
U-CC011 RStereo Limiter Piano QR
U-CC012 RStereo Classic Piano QR
U-CC013 RStereo Stacato Piano QR
U-CC014 RStereo Sustain Piano QR
U-CC015 RStereo Room Piano QR
U-CC016 Mono Rock Piano QR
U-CC017 Mono Pop Piano QR
U-CC018 Mono Dark Piano QR
U-CC019 Mono BassLess Piano QR
U-CC020 Mono Bright Piano QR
U-CC021 Mono Strong Piano QR
U-CC022 Mono Hard Piano QR
U-CC023 Mono NoVelocity Piano QR
U-CC024 Mono Ambient Piano QR
U-CC025 Mono Hall Piano QR
U-CC026 Mono Comp Piano QR
U-CC027 Mono Limiter Piano QR
U-CC028 Mono Classic Piano QR
U-CC029 Mono Staccato Piano QR
U-CC030 Mono Sustain Piano QR
U-CC031 Mono Room Piano QR

This program sound set will be installed in locations U-CC000 – U-CC127. If you use this U-CC bank for other programs then first create a backup of your own bank or load the programs in a different free program bank.

To install:

– Unzip the StagePianosQR.ZIP file
– Copy the StagePianosQR.PCG file on an USB stick
– Press the Disk button
– Select your USB Stick
– Select the StagePianosQR.PCG file and press load


All sounds can be used freely in any commercial and non-commercial musical production. It’s not allowed to redistribute the content in this sound set without permission of Qui Robinez.

┬ęCopyright 2015, Qui Robinez

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