32 MOD-7 programs for ambient and dance music. This soundset is made exclusively for the Korg Kronos synthesizer. It uses lots of the special features that the Korg Kronos MOD-7 synthesizer has to offer.

Every program contains a drum track, a KARMA scene and 8 Chords assigned to the Pads. If you want to have an idea how to use the sound just activate the drum track and KARMA and press one of the 8 pads. The most important part is that they are very different so you have examples of how to create specific type of sounds yourself.
There are lots of tricks hidden in these programs. Tricks like:
– WaveShaping
– PCM sources for FM modulation
– Bit Reducing techniques for that old sound
– Analog setups for Lead sounds
– Combinations of PCM sounds and pure FM sounds
– And much more!

So there’s a lot more than meets the eye when you first look at the patches, so take your time to explore them if you want to learn programming the MOD-7.


Performance tips and tricks
Almost every program uses the following setup for the Modulation joystick and the Switches. So try every sound to see how you can use these for performance purposes:

SW1: Transpose down
SW2: Dry FX settings
JSY+: Modulation of the sound

This time I have used the Switch 2 for modifying the overall effect of the program. In Ambient music the sound is very often sculpted by the use of FX, but when you use it in a song sometimes you want a dryer sound. This is very easy to do, when you don’t like the FX settings just press the SW2 button and instantly you will get a much dryer Sound FX setup. This works for every program.

Disclaimer: All sounds can be used freely in any commercial and non-commercial musical production. It’s NOT allowed to redistribute the content in this soundset without permission of Qui Robinez.

So to be clear: it’s NOT allowed to copy the source file and place it on your own website!

Program List

Location Program Name
U-CC000 Healing Sun Guitar QR
U-CC001 Planet Earth Lead QR
U-CC002 Summer Fruits QR
U-CC003 Chinese Festival Lead QR
U-CC004 Deep Jungle Bass QR
U-CC005 Piano of Glass QR
U-CC006 Sadness Lead QR
U-CC007 Jazzy Solo Bass QR
U-CC008 SpectraKinematic Lead QR
U-CC009 Diffused Symphony QR
U-CC010 Antique Analog Lead QR
U-CC011 Electro Club Bass QR
U-CC012 Goa Trance Island QR
U-CC013 Astral Flight Pad QR
U-CC014 Hard Sync Lead QR
U-CC015 Into the Galaxy QR
U-CC016 4 Bit WobbleMess Bass QR
U-CC017 London Choir QR
U-CC018 Floating on Wind QR
U-CC019 The Orange Sky QR
U-CC020 The Hall Of Kayleigh QR
U-CC021 Ambient Colors Flute QR
U-CC022 Till Dawn Bass QR
U-CC023 Far Horizons QR
U-CC024 Angels Harp QR
U-CC025 Solarstone Ensemble QR
U-CC026 Deep Space Piano QR
U-CC027 Loneliness Hit QR
U-CC028 Nova Space Lead QR
U-CC029 Neo Soul Whistle QR
U-CC030 Light Air Vibraphone QR
U-CC031 Sweet Outdoor Violin QR

Install instructions:
– Download the SpectraKinematicsQR file
– Unzip the File on your computer
– Copy the SpectraMod7QR.PCG file to an usb stick
– On the Kronos press the disk button and load the PCG file from usb stick to the bank you like. (the default bank is U-CC)

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