32 Programs for the Mod-7 Engine in the Korg Kronos. This soundset is made exclusively for the Korg Kronos synthesizer. It uses lots of the special features that the Korg Kronos Mod­7 engine has to offer.

There are 32 programs that are suited for the deep ambient space style.
When you listen to the deep ambient style you will hear lot’s of sounds that are buried in very huge reverb halls where the sounds seems to live on their own. Normally you need quite some expensive reverbs for that to make this possible, but the kronos has this possibility also when youprogram the Kronos Overb effect with your own settings.


All sounds can be used freely in any commercial and non-commercial musical production. It’s not allowed to redistribute the content in this sound set without permission of Qui Robinez.

©Copyright 2016, Qui Robinez

Program List

U­GG000 Space Bell QR
U­GG001 Lead MG QR
U­GG002 Ambient Bass QR
U­GG003 Eternal Pad QR
U­GG004 Sine in Space QR
U­GG005 The Last Dragon QR
U­GG006 Sad Woman Voice QR
U­GG007 Orbit EP QR
U­GG008 Sine Motion Pad QR
U­GG009 Apollo Space Choir QR
U­GG010 Sun Sparks QR
U­GG011 Slap Back Lead QR
U­GG012 Slinky Lead QR
U­GG013 Percussive Guitar QR
U­GG014 Get the Harpy QR
U­GG015 Legato Lead QR
U­GG016 Hit the Bass QR
U­GG017 Ambient Signature Pad QR
U­GG018 Sunny Lead QR
U­GG019 Short and Long Pad QR
U­GG020 Slap Velocity Bass QR
U­GG021 Spike Bass QR
U­GG022 Strange World Cello QR
U­GG023 City of Glass QR
U­GG024 Flute JSY QR
U­GG025 Serenity Voice QR
U­GG026 Warm Ambient Pad QR
U­GG027 DragonTail Sweep QR
U­GG028 Magic Delay QR
U­GG029 Angels Heaven Guitar QR
U­GG030 Distance Pad QR
U­GG031 Cosmic Baby Lead QR

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