Massive Pads is a FREE ambient soundset with sounds you can use for creating deep ambient music.

These pads are build by using the Combi mode of the Kronos. The sounds are layered together to create this Massive Wall of Pad Sounds.

It was created as a gift for everyone that bought the Magical Space or Magical Suite library. All combis use sounds from that library so you can only use it if you have bought the magical Space or suite library.

Disclaimer: All sounds can be used freely in any commercial and non-commercial musical production. It’s NOT allowed to redistribute the content in this soundset without permission of Qui Robinez.

So to be clear: it’s NOT allowed to copy the source file and place it on your own website!

Download Massive Pads


Program List

Location Program Name
U-C000 Rythm from Heaven Pad QR
U-C001 The Monastery QR
U-C002 Drops of Serendipity QR
U-C003 Silky Smooth QR
U-C004 Down the Mine Pad QR
U-C005 Meditation QR
U-C006 Ambient Space Keys QR
U-C007 Lost Memories Piano QR
U-C008 Ghosts in the Snow QR
U-C009 Sparkling Voices QR
U-C010 Serenity Piano QR
U-C011 Fallout Pad QR
U-C012 Cathedral Choir QR
U-C013 Jungle Fever QR
U-C014 Breathing Violin QR
U-C015 Cold Voyage QR
U-C016 White Cabin Lead QR
U-C017 Lost Memories QR
U-C018 Alphastate Bell QR
U-C019 Angels Harp QR
U-C020 Old Meets New QR
U-C021 Into the Night QR
U-C022 Feel the Vibe QR
U-C023 Outerspace Signals QR
U-C024 Symphonic Piano QR
U-C025 Cold Keys QR
U-C026 Way of the Harp QR
U-C027 Raising Sun Guitar QR
U-C028 The Lighthouse QR
U-C029 Dreamcatcher QR
U-C030 Ambient Moments Pad QR
U-C031 Last Goodbye QR

Install instructions:
– Download the MassivePadsQR file
– Unzip the File on your computer
– Copy the MassivePadsQR.PCG file to an usb stick
– On the Kronos press the disk button and load the PCG file from usb stick to the combi bank you like. (the default bank is U-C)

Note: Be sure that your bought Magical Space or Magical Suite sound library is loaded in the default location of Program bank U-DD (This is because the combis uses the sounds from that program bank)

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