Angels Choir QR is a FREE Orchestral Choir combi for the Kronos 1, X and Kronos 2 which i created for my own use and was based on a factory combi called: Super Stereo Choir

I didn’t really like that factory combi but i liked the first five timbres of that combi. That was the base of my new combi where i spent over 20 hours of modifications to get this current sound.

Now since a lot of people want this choir i decided to share my personal custom choir. It has 8 KARMA scenes for the Strings and an orchestral drum section.

Disclaimer: All sounds can be used freely in any commercial and non-commercial musical production. It’s NOT allowed to redistribute the content in this soundset without permission of Qui Robinez.

So to be clear: it’s NOT allowed to copy the source file and place it on your own website!


This combi will be installed in location Combi: I-G000. If you use this I-G bank for other combis or your own combis then first create a backup of your own bank or load the combi in a free slot.

To install:

– Copy the AngelsChoirQR.PCG file on a usb stick
– Press the Disk button
– Select the AngelsChoirQR.PCG file and press load

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