32 Programs for the MS-20 Engine in the Korg Kronos.

This soundset is made exclusively for the Korg Kronos synthesizer.

This sound set has the focus on Hard Leads, Pads and Bass sounds which are created in the MS-20 Engine.

Performance tips and tricks

Every program uses the following setup for the Switches

SW1: Different Effect Setups

SW2: Lock JS-Y & Ribbon

JS-Y: Cutoff / Resonance

Faq: How does the Switch Locking works?

To change the sound move the JS-Y till you hear a sound you like and then press the SW2 to lock that sound. Keep in mind that when the SW2 is activated that the Joystick won’t work, since the values are locked as long as you the SW2 light is on.

Also try to change SW1, this can change a sound completely, most sounds have a different sound effect setup for switch 1.


All sounds can be used freely in any commercial and non-commercial musical production. It’s not allowed to redistribute the content in this sound set without permission of Qui Robinez.

©Copyright 2013, Qui Robinez


Installation Guide

The Shiny & Rough sound library will be loaded in program Bank locations UGG000 till UGG-127

Be sure that you don’t have any sounds in that bank that you want to save, because those locations will be overwritten. If you want to save your sounds then save your current bank with the ‘SAVE ALL’ or ‘SAVE PCG’ function.

If you don’t know how to do this see the explanations in the original Kronos manuals sections:

· Kronos Quick Start: Page 25

· Kronos Parameter Guide: Page 829

To install the Shiny & Rough Sound Library do the following steps:

· Unzip the ShinyRoughMS20QR.zip file

· You will have 2 files:

ShinyRoughMS20QR.PGC (the sound data file)
ShinyRoughMS20QR.PDF (the Manual)
· Copy the ShinyRoughMS20QR.PCG file to an USB drive (thumb drive)

· Connect the USB drive to the Kronos

· Now press the Disk Button

· Press the Load Tab on screen

· At the bottom you will see a dropdownlist where you can select your USB drive

· Select the ShinyRoughMS20QR.PCG file and press the Load button to load the sound library in bank UGG.

(If you want to load the programs in a different bank then choose a different bank).

Program List

U-GG000 Sandstorm Pad QR
U-GG001 Moment Magnitude Lead QR
U-GG002 Analog Acid Drift Bas QR
U-GG003 Falling Meteors JS-Y QR
U-GG004 Train to Wonderland QR
U-GG005 Mojito Lead SW1 QR
U-GG006 Haywire Bass QR
U-GG007 Mercury JS-Y QR
U-GG008 Industrial Haven Pad QR
U-GG009 WahWah Lead JS-Y QR

U-GG010 Dub Agent JS-Y QR
U-GG011 Sound Ninja QR
U-GG012 Classic Way SW1 QR
U-GG013 Square Garden SW1 QR
U-GG014 Mystic Forest Pad QR
U-GG015 Northern Lead QR
U-GG016 Fireflies Pad SW1 QR
U-GG017 Electronic Distortion QR
U-GG018 Heritage Lead SW1 QR
U-GG019 Slot Machine QR

U-GG020 Resonance Clicks Pad QR
U-GG021 Arctic Circle Lead QR
U-GG022 Dark Dub JS-Y QR
U-GG023 Talking MS20 JS-Y+ QR
U-GG024 Grizzly Bear QR
U-GG025 Powerful Trance Saw QR
U-GG026 Crystal Flowers Pad QR
U-GG027 Trafalgar Square JS-Y QR
U-GG028 High Road SW1 QR
U-GG029 Dragon Bass SW1 QR

U-GG030 Resistant Flame Lead QR
U-GG031 Theatre Popcorn SW1 QR

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