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Our Latest Sound Set

Two new sound sets will be released very soon.

Until release:

1: The Korg Pa4x sound set: Mellifluous
2: The Korg Kronos sound set: Sonorous

This Korg Pa4x set will contain 64 sounds in that set with two effect setups per sound.
tab 1 – 8 contains: the original 64 sounds with effect setups like in the videos
tab 9 – 16 contains: the same 64 sounds with effect setups that are more like the current Pa4x effect settings (so much, much dry-er sounds).

This Korg Kronos set wil contain 64 sounds suited for different styles. It will contain pads, bass, leads, etc.

Qui Robinez
The only true measure of ones talent is not a measure against the talents of others but a measurement of growth as an artist
- Qui Robinez
Qui Robinez
In these ages learning is so much fun with all the material that is available online nowadays
- Qui Robinez

Why Choose Us

We keep to create value for you

Unique Sounds

All sounds we create are build from scratch and are unique in their style. We create songs with those sounds ourselves, so we know what works in those songs


We have a strong believe that everyone should have access to the skills needed to create your own sounds or the knowledge needed to work with your own gear.


We spent a lot of time helping out our customers to get the most out of the sounds in their projects.